Fee Structure and charges 

School and Kindergarten Fees

Kindergarten – Sessions and Fees from 1st September 2017

Details of Kindergarten fees for children attending the Kindergarten from September 2017 are given in the table below.

Kindergarten Sessions

Morning Sessions

8.00am – 12.00pm (4 hours) (including morning snack)

Drop-off available from 8.00am at no charge, and from 7.30am, with light breakfast, with a charge of £3.00 per day

Afternoon Sessions

12.00noon – 3.30pm (3.5 hours)

After-School Care is available from 3.45pm. See below, under “Optional Extras” for charges and details.

Kindergarten Fees

Excluding KCC funding, termly fees are £360 per morning, and £310 per afternoon, a total of £670 per day per term. The table below gives different combinations of sessions and their associated fees:

SessionsHoursFeesFundingFees paid by Parents
4 mornings16£1440£840*£600*
5 mornings20£1800£840*£960*
2 full days15Fully funded by KCC Early Years FundingNil
3 full days22.52 days fully funded; 1 day paid£670
4 full days302 days fully funded; 2 days paid£1340
5 full days37.5 days fully funded; 3 days paid£2010

* see Note 2 below

  1. General. Kindergarten fees are charged under the same terms as those covered for the remainder of the School, covered in Notes 1 – 5 above.
  2. KCC Funding. Kent County Council funding is available as shown in the table below, with up to 2 full days being fully funded. The level of funding may vary each term, depending on term length. The figure of £840 is an estimated amount for the longest (Autumn) term.


  1. Payment Date. Fees are payable with cleared funds by noon on the first day of each term.
  2. Late Payment. In the event of late payment, an administrative surcharge of £85 is applicable. Interest, at an annual rate of base rate plus 7.5%, is payable on any debt outstanding after 30 days.
  3. Kindergarten and Reception Class – KCC Early Years Funding. Kent County Council Early years funding is available for each full term up to and including the term in which a child has his or her 5th birthday.
  4. Notice to Leave. A full term’s notice is required, should parents wish to withdraw a child prior to the end of Year 6. Details are given in the Registration Form (in the case of parents of children joining the school before April 2014) or the Parent-School Agreement
  5. Learning Support. In certain cases of educational need, additional one-to-one classroom assistance may be required. Such requirements would always be discussed and agreed with parents as part of the School’s normal learning support arrangements. An additional fee is charged for one-to-one classroom assistance, based pro rata upon the amount provided. The fee for provision of 2 hours assistance per day over 5 days per week, for example, is £1,600 per term.

Optional Extras

Before-and After-School Care

7.30 – 8.00am £3.20 (including light breakfast)

3.45 – 4.45pm £3.75 (supervision plus drink/biscuit)
4.45 – 5.45pm £5.35 (supervision and light tea)

Collection after 5.45pm will incur a charge of £4.25 for every 15 minutes or part thereof.

School Lunches
£3.80 per day, bookable on a termly basis

Milk during the morning break is provided at no extra charge for all Reception children and at parental request for Years 1 – 6

School Transport

One week (return) £40
One day (return) £8.60
One day (single) £4.60

School minibuses serve the areas of Gravesend, Greenhithe and Dartford. A school-approved taxi service serves the areas of Rochester and Strood.

Lunchtime and After-School Activities and Clubs (termly charge, for 10 one or half hour sessions)

From £35 to £70

A sheet giving full details for a given term is sent to parents at the end of the preceding term, and is also available from School Office.

Year 5 After-School Tutorials (ASTs) (termly charge, for 10 one or half hour sessions)


Year 5 ASTs, for groups of maximum 3 children, take place during the Spring and Summer terms, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are available in English, Mathematics and Reasoning.

Music Lessons and Ensembles (termly charge, for ten lessons/sessions)

Instrumental Lessons

20 minute lessons£120recommended for Reception and Years 1 and 2
30 minute lessons£175recommended for Year 3 and above
Paired 20 minute lessons£72.50can be useful as a taster. One-to-one lessons are recommended as they
generally allow stronger progress, especially for
Year 2 and above


School Band45 mins£52.50Mr Scarff
Guitar Group30 mins£45Mr Coney
Rock Band45 mins£52.50Mr Coney
Violin Group30 mins£45Mrs Carrion
Woodwind Group30 mins£45Mrs Shoobridge


  1. General. Lessons are available in guitar, percussion, piano, violin and woodwind (clarinet, saxophone). As well as the lessons themselves, there are performance opportunities at concerts and other school events, reports at Christmas and Summer (included in main School reports) and guidance for Associated Board Examinations
  2. Timings. Lessons take place during the school day, either during a break or during an academic lesson. Every effort is made to ensure that a same subject and lesson time is not used each week.Ensembles take place at lunchtime or after school.
  3. Ensemble Participation. Participation in an ensemble is subject to vacancy and also requires a minimum standard. Joining is either by invitation from the ensemble director or, alternatively, parents are welcome to contact the relevant director.
  4. Missed Lessons. If a pupil misses a lesson for any reason, the teacher will attempt to make up the lesson at another time during the term or school year. If the pupil misses a lesson because of a school trip, the lesson will be made up at another time during the term or school year. Normally
    lessons are not timetabled when there is a known absence arising from a school trip or event.
  5. Notice to Cease Lessons or Ensembles. Half a term’s notice is required. If this notice is not given, a half term’s fees are payable.

Payment Plans; KCC Voucher Scheme

Advance Payment

It is possible to arrange to pay a lump sums in advance for additional terms, such payments attracting reductions in the termly fees. The current normal rates of reduction for one and two years are given below. The rates are on the basis of full payment received as cleared funds by noon on the first day of the Autumn or other full term.

One Year (three terms) 2.5%
Two Years (six terms) 4.0%

Rates for lump sums covering higher numbers of school years are also available and can be discussed with the Bursar.

Payment Plan

A school fee plan, operated by Premium Credit Ltd, enables monthly payment of fees. A commission of 2.85% is charged by the company which operates this finance scheme

Kent County Council Voucher Scheme

Reception children under 5 years old are entitled to the KCC Voucher Scheme. The scheme is available up to and including the term in which a child is 5 years old.

Voucher Payments for Other Services; Salary Sacrifice

The school also accepts voucher payments for childcare, for example before- and after- school care, Summer School, some clubs and similar services.

“Salary sacrifice” schemes are available through many companies as a method of obtaining additional vouchers with minimal tax commitment. If your company participates in such a scheme, salary deduction of up to £243.00 each month can be deducted, which will not thereby be subject to Income Tax or National Insurance. Your company will then pass on the full £243.00 to its associated voucher company, which will either already have details of how to pay the vouchers directly to Bronte School or make arrangements to set up payment to the school.

This edition: 22 March 2017

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