Growing Up

Growing Up at Bronte

Bronte School educates boys and girls of varied academic ability from four years to eleven.

Most children join us in Reception at four years old. Some have been at Bronte Nursery, also in Pelham Road, before that – but it is not a prerequisite. They are introduced to all the areas of learning associated with the Early Years Foundation Stage and encouraged to develop good social skills and a sense of consideration for others.

They progress through Reception Class and on to Years One to Six. After that they will wave us goodbye to enter their secondary school and a new world.

The majority of Bronte children go on to one of Kent’s fine Grammar Schools. There are also excellent independent schools nearby to which Bronte sends a number of children each year.

Wherever you want your child to go after Bronte School, our academic record and success rate in achieving entry to the chosen school is outstanding.

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Bronte School is accredited by the Independent Schools Council and is a member of the Independent Schools Association ISA Logo