Performing arts provide some of the most formative and memorable experiences in school life. Any performance creates the most varied challenges: in expression, team work, rehearsal discipline, interpretation, and much else besides. And it’s usually great fun, for performers and audiences alike.

Musical theatre, run by a local performing arts company, is available as an after-school activity and is always popular, covering dance, singing, acting and recitation.

In addition to the academic music curriculum (covered under the “Academic” pages in the website), there is a range of musical opportunities available. Children can learn an instrument, with lessons taught once per week by specialist instrumental teachers. Currently, instruments are piano, percussion, saxophone/woodwind, guitar and violin.

Concerts are arranged when individuals and groups can perform, with all parents of course warmly invited.

At Christmas, there is an Infants (Years R – 2) Nativity and a Junior (Years 3 – 4) production with a Christmas theme. Year 6 puts on a Shakespeare play each summer. Each class gives one assembly per year for the rest of the school. Thus there are wide and varied performance opportunities.

Children are encouraged, as individuals and classes, to study for LAMDA grades in performance. This is a valuable way of promoting powers of expression and confidence in communication, both such valuable lifeskills of course. Bronte is also an active participant in the Trinity College arts award scheme, individuals studying for the different levels.

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