Our Staff

Peers and Susan Carter


Many years ago, the first of our three daughters was at Bronte when the school was threatened with closure. We saved the school and all three of our daughters passed through it successfully. We are very happy with Bronte School as it is now. There is such a positive and encouraging atmosphere which delivers excellent results. Below are the dedicated people we have to thank for this.

Richard Dyson


At Bronte we treat every child as an individual, understanding their needs, aiming to get the best out of everyone. At some stage of every week I see each individual child in the classroom. I also teach the Minimus Latin course to Years 5 and 6. I am really proud of all that the school now offers to all the children and their parents.

Come and see for yourself. I look forward to meeting you.

Sally Gordon

Deputy Head

I work in harmony with Bronte’s Senior Leadership Team (‘SLT’), the Proprietors, the Head and the staff to go for new challenges and achievements every year. We always aim to follow the school’s Latin motto — ‘Labor Ipse Voluptas’ — which means ‘Learning should be fun’.

Amanda Prescott

Year 5 Class Teacher & Special Needs Co-ordinator

I’m passionate about my literacy teaching and love my involvement with Years 5 and 6 as well as my other role as Year 5 class teacher and Special Needs Co-ordinator for the whole school.

Susan Baldacci

Head of Juniors, Year 4 Class Teacher & Language Teacher

As Head of Juniors, I oversee the welfare and general development of KS2 children. I’m delighted to offer class teaching in Year 4 and language teaching throughout the school — French from Reception, German from Year 4 and Spanish club every week.

Kate Walsh

Year 4 Class Teacher & Music Teacher

I love the variety of opportunity I have been offered this year, particularly with Music and class teaching. I’m loving every minute.

Sara Ansell

Year 3 Class Teacher

This year I’ve moved back to full-time teaching with my own Year 3 class. It’s just what I was looking for — with my two sons in the school as well.

Emma Wood

Head of Infants & Year 2 class teacher

I’ve been at Bronte for just over a year having moved from KS2 to KS1 teaching. I’m really enjoying being Head of Infants working with an amazing team of teachers and assistants.

Christine Nash

Year 1 Class Teacher

This is my first year at Bronte. I can’t express how pleased I am to be here. There are so many opportunities for me to enjoy my teaching.

Sharon Kybert

Reception Class Teacher

I’m reminded every day why I moved to Bronte School. I have such a lovely class and I love being able to introduce all sorts of new initiatives to help make the children happy and fulfilled.

Margie Dyson

Admissions Secretary & Nurse

I am the Admissions Secretary and Nurse. I’m likely to be the person you speak to when you enquire about a place in the School. I look forward to hearing from you.

June Egan

General Secretary

I am the general secretary, and I look forward to speaking to you! I am also the treasurer of Bronte Friends – as well as the grandmother of two children in the school!

Yvonne Britton

Teacher of Art

I’m thrilled with the way the Art is developing in the school. Recent successes in national competitions have given us a great boost. Do come and see the quality of the children’s art on display around the school.

Lynda Rogers

Sports Teacher

Not every child is naturally keen on sport – so my job is to make sure that each one will enjoy a physical activity and feel better for it. Sport matters a great deal at Bronte – and we have a particularly good record of success even though we are only a small school. (Two years ago we had a national champion in the 150 metres and 75 metres sprints!)

Geoff Spain


I am a rare creature — a friendly and helpful Bursar. I am always ready to help explain our fee payments, extras, school fees insurance, staged payments and our early payment discount. I handle all payments in and out, both at Bronte School and Bronte Nursery.

Bronte School is accredited by the Independent Schools Council and is a member of the Independent Schools Association ISA Logo