Our Staff

Sara Ansell

Year 3 Class Teacher

I really enjoy teaching in Year 3 at this small, friendly school. The maximum class size of 20 is of real benefit to the children along with the fantastic range of opportunities available to them. My own two boys certainly enjoy the Bronte experience and are benefitting from it enormously.

Susan Baldacci

Head of Juniors, Year 4 Class Teacher & Language Teacher

As Head of Juniors and a member of the Senior Leadership Team, I enjoy overseeing the welfare and general development of all the children in Key Stage Two. I’m delighted to offer class teaching in Year 4 and language teaching throughout the school — French from Reception, German from Year 4 and Spanish club every week. I also run advanced language clubs for French and German, and mandarin for beginners.

Nicholas Clements


Bronte is a tremendously happy and fulfilling school, of which I am very proud. There are very high educational standards, and a great sense of breadth too. Children, parents and a superb staff create a very supportive and unified family community.

Following in the footsteps of my predecessor, Richard Dyson, I am teaching Latin and reading weekly stories, so that each week I see each individual boy or girl in the classroom.

Suggestions on good books to read aloud always welcome!”

June Egan

General Secretary

I am the general secretary, and I look forward to speaking to you! I am also the treasurer of Bronte Friends – as well as the grandmother of two children in the school!

Sally Gordon

Deputy Head

In addition to my role as Year 6 class teacher, I work in harmony with Bronte’s Senior Leadership Team (‘SLT’), the Head/Proprietor and the staff to encourage new challenges and achievements each year. We always aim to follow the school’s Latin motto — ‘Labor Ipse Voluptas’ — which means ‘Learning should be fun’.

Sharon Kybert

Reception Class Teacher

“Teaching the very youngest children as they embark on their educational journey into school continues to be so very rewarding. This is particularly so at Bronte School where the small class sizes and high quality provision enables greater progress and potential to be achieved. I value the importance of working closely with parents to consider each child individually and provide a highly challenging and enjoyable school experience, which in turn serves to ignite curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning which is a pleasure to observe and be part of.”

Christine Nash-Pay

Year 1 Class Teacher

Working at Bronte has enabled me to become part of a fantastic team, providing such a holistic approach to the children’s learning. I am passionate about my job and cannot think of another place where I would rather teach.

Amanda Prescott

Year 5 Class Teacher & Special Needs Co-ordinator

I’m passionate about literacy and so love my role as literacy co-ordinator and the specialist teaching of literacy to Years 5 and 6. I am also the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and enjoy my involvement with the Senior Leadership Team of the school.

Lynda Rogers

Sports Teacher

Not every child is naturally keen on sport – so my job is to make sure that each one will enjoy a physical activity and feel better for it. Sport matters a great deal at Bronte – and we have a particularly good record of success even though we are only a small school. (Two years ago we had a national champion in the 150 metres and 75 metres sprints!)

Geoff Spain


I am a rare creature — a friendly and helpful Bursar. I am always ready to help explain our fee payments, extras, school fees insurance, staged payments and our early payment discount. I handle all payments in and out, both at Bronte School and Bronte Nursery.

Kate Spain


I have a long connection with this school which I love, and have been around since the mid 80′s. My mother joined then as school secretary & more recently in the 90′s my father joined as bursar. As one of the newest members of staff, I am here to help and my duties include overseeing the office & school admissions. I am also in charge of the finance department & have been working behind the scenes for a number of years in my spare time helping with the school’s accountancy. So, just let me know if you need any advice on fees & payments. I’ll be here for you from before your child starts till the time they leave

Sarah Sutherland


I have been a member of staff at Bronte since 2012. I enjoy providing healthy and wholesome lunchtime meals, using fresh, seasonal produce. I have adopted the Bronte community spirit by using local suppliers. Getting children and parents involved when I am constructing new menus gives the chance to ask for favourites and it is also very important for us to get to know about any dietary requirements, both medical and cultural. I also provide a breakfast club for the early birds, and a bacon sandwich treat on a Friday morning!

Kate Walsh

Year 4 Class Teacher & Music Teacher

I love the variety of opportunity I have been offered this year, particularly with Music and class teaching. I’m loving every minute.

Emma Wood

Head of Infants & Year 2 class teacher

Working as Head of Infants is a real privilege. Combining my managerial role with teaching Year 2 ensures that I am fully aware of all that is happening. I enjoy getting to know the parents and pupils as they first joint he school and I’m always pleased to introduce them to the ‘Bronte family’.

Bronte School is accredited by the Independent Schools Council and is a member of the Independent Schools Association ISA Logo