Art, Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught at both infant and junior level. In Key Stage 1, DT forms part of the curriculum and children work on designing and making projects, including the Primary Engineer Challenge, in which they made a car for a teddy to sit in. The car had to have an accurate chassis in order to travel as far as possible in a straight line and our infants have previously won this entry level challenge. They also design and make colourful hand puppets which are great fun.

In Key Stage 2, DT takes the form of dedicated one or two day projects, an after-school club, and as part of cross-curricular activities. At this junior level, Bronte has also entered model cars into a Primary Engineering Challenge and won both regional and national competitions. This level of the challenge requires children to design and build from scratch a model car with an accurate chassis (to ensure the vehicle runs in a straight line), a pulley system and electric circuit, fitted bodywork and trials of effectiveness in travelling up a ramp.

Our juniors also take part in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities with the Medway Business Enterprise Partnership where they undertake Lego challenges (e.g., designing and building a house with set criteria and budget) and K’nex challenges (e.g., designing and constructing a catapult to fire a ping pong ball the furthest distance, or a bridge of particular span able to hold a load, or creating vehicle to carry a specific load). These prove very popular and engaging while requiring ingenuity, teamwork and imagination.

Cooking activities are also part of the DT curriculum, with younger years designing a healthy meal, while Year 6 children plan and cook a three-course meal for their parents!

Yvonne Britton
Art, Design & Technology Coordinator