Bronte School is passionate about ensuring that every child becomes a fluent reader and that each child understands the joy and fulfilment of reading for pleasure. We are very proud of the fact that there is no boy/girl divide in reading ability in the School, as noted in the latest inspection.

Over recent years, reading has become a focus across the School and the range of books available to all pupils, fiction and non-fiction, has been updated and increased. This has resulted in increased reading ages across Year groups, which in turn enables pupils to access a wider array of books and other reading materials, such as newspapers. Through reading, each child develops the vital tools necessary to enable them to become imaginative and engaged writers.

In each Year group, a variety of tools are used to enable pupils to develop their literacy skills in every way, across grammar, spelling, reading, creative writing, proofreading and speaking and listening. We believe in using whole books to enable us to do this, rather than only using excerpts from different texts. A range of texts are read, from new and recent authors, such as R. J. Palacio and J.K. Rowling to classic authors such as Nina Bawden and Kenneth Grahame.

There are occasions where the work studied in English links with school drama productions, such as the Shakespeare productions in Year 6. In class the texts are studied in detail, while the life and times of Shakespeare himself are looked at in conjunction with a unit of work on biography.

A range of classroom strategies will inspire and stimulate the next generation of authors, involving a range of genres for each Year group. In this way, by ensuring that the imaginations of our young people are nourished and stimulated, we know that we are giving each and every pupil the very best start to their literary journey.

Amanda Prescott
English Coordinator