11+ tests are used in selection for entry into Kent, Medway and Bexley selective (grammar) schools. Many Bronte pupils look to enter grammar schools and most usually sit either the Kent or Medway Tests or both.

State senior school applications generally need to be submitted by 31st October of Year 6, with tests having taken place in the September of Year 6. Details are given on the Kent and Medway websites. The school supports and guides parents as needed, and there is an 11+/senior school entry examination briefing meeting for Year 5 parents in the October of Year 5. (The 2015 date is Thursday 22nd October (7.00pm).)

The Kent Test

The Kent 11+ test currently consists of papers in Reasoning (Verbal Reasoning (VR), Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) and Spatial Reasoning), mathematics and English. The Kent test is taken at the school, and administered by school staff (Mrs Wood, as Director of Studies, is in charge of arrangements), with an outside invigilator present, allocated by Kent County Council.

The Medway Test

The Medway Test is used for entry into a Medway Grammar School. For those attending a school, such as Bronte, outside of the Medway area, the test will be taken at a weekend (usually the Saturday after the Kent Test) at an independent test centre. The test consists of a Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics test (both multiple choice) and an English (extended writing) paper.

Mayfield Test

Mayfield Grammar School has an additional test, held at Mayfield, usually on the weekend after the main Kent 11+ test. This consists of a computer-based test for VR, NVR and Maths and a written test that is marked. The test is voluntary: sitting the test is nonetheless recommended for candidates applying to Mayfield.

Independent Schools

Independent senior schools show much variation in the details of their admissions procedures. Some are very selective academically, many less so. Most will look at the results of a test, will ask for the candidate to have a meeting with the head or a senior member of staff, and will ask for a current school report.

The tests are usually of mathematics, English and reasoning, taken either at the school or at the candidate’s current school.

Results, Applications and Offers – Kent, Medway Tests

Results are received in mid-October. The deadline for applications for Kent places is early November. (The national deadline is 31st October, KCC allowing a few days further, to give families a little more time to consider their applications in the light of 11+ results.) Medway tests follow a similar pattern. Emma Wood, Director of Studies will guide parents through this process.