First Aid and Medical

Our School Nurse, Nurse Katie, is referred to in most first aid cases. The Nurse also undertakes health education, and acts as the liaison point for parents concerning medical conditions and prescription medicines and drugs.

Our School Nurse, Katie Hickmott, is a specialist in paediatric first aid, and a majority of our teachers and teaching assistants are first aid qualified. There is a full programme of staff first aid training.

If children are feeling unwell or need first aid, our Medical Room is the first port of call. Nurse Katie, or another appointed First Aider, is available if needed.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Committee meets regularly to monitor health & safety procedures in school, and to ensure full and effective compliance with all health abd safety regulations. The school site manager undertakes non-specialist regulatory checks. (e.g. fire alarm testing, electrical appliance testing, daily inspection for potential hazardous areas.)


The correct adherence to policies and procedures in safeguarding matters and in safe recruitment is a legal requirement for all schools. Bronte strives to uphold a close awareness both in monitoring developments in legal requirements and in maintaining watchfulness on the part of all staff in matters of child protection. The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is the Headmistress. The Deputy DSL is Mrs Amanda Prescott. The Deputy Head is also trained in Safeguarding and may be consulted concerning Safeguarding matters

Staff Training

Medical, health and safeguarding matters are regularly the topics of staff training sessions. Recent examples are:

April 2017 : Fire Safety

September 2017 : Child Protection