ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection

In May 2017 Bronte School received a Regulatory Compliance Inspection, conducted by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. A Compliance Inspection does not give grades or recommendations, but simply states whether or not a school is found to be compliant in each of the eight areas.

We are pleased to say that Bronte School was found to be totally compliant in all areas. A copy of the report can be read by clicking here.

ISI Full Inspection

Bronte School’s last full inspection took place in May 2012. The findings of the ISI are summarised below, but we recommend reading the complete report by clicking here.

  • All pupils achieve well and make good progress in their learning.
  • Pupils achieve excellent academic standards.
  • Pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding are well-developed.
  • Pupils have notable strengths in speaking, listening and reading.
  • Good creativity is particularly evident in art and history.
  • Over 80% gained entry to local selective schools in the 2012 cohort – an outstanding achievement.
  • There is strength in the breadth of languages that are taught.
  • The curriculum is wide-ranging and is more challenging than the National Curriculum (notably in maths and English).
  • The curriculum is supplemented by a useful range of visits, sporting opportunities and clubs.
  • The teaching is excellent and a major strength of the School.
  • Pupils’ personal development is excellent and a major strength of the School.
  • Pupils are very confident and articulate. Moral development is very good.
  • Pupils are supported by excellent pastoral care and good welfare arrangements.