Acting as a channel for parental suggestions and opinion, the Parents’ Council meets once per term. There are between 6 and 8 parent members of the Council, each acting as the representative and recipient for parental comments in either one or two year groups. The willingness of parents to give their time for the Council is much appreciated.

The committee is chaired by the Headmistress, and the School members are the Deputy Head and the Registrar/Office Manager

Any parent of course has direct access to the Headmistress or any staff member, but sometimes parents find the Council a useful way to put across a point or enquiry. Parents can contact any Council member but would normally contact the representative of their child’s year group.

Membership of the Council is open to any current parent, and is for one academic year, extendable to two. Early in the school year, the Headmistress invites expressions of interest. If there are more volunteers than places, the intention will be to create a balanced committee which will best represent parental opinion.

If a parent volunteers as a candidate in one year, but the candidacy is not taken up, it is often possible, given the turn-around in membership, that the offer can be taken up in a following year.

The 2018-19 Parent Council members are:

Mrs Claire Stevens-Howe

Mrs Serena Cumming

Year 1
Mr Hayre

Year 2
Mrs Tabish

Year 3
Mrs Rosie Smyth

Year 4
Mrs Sunita Chauhan

Year 5
Mrs TJ Russell

Year 6
Mrs Suzy Peirce-Howe

Mrs Emma Wood

Deputy Head
Mr Austen Hardwick

Office Manager
Mrs Nicky Mason