Science at Bronte aims to provide the foundations for pupils to develop their understanding of the world around them. Programmes of study are varied but currently include such topics as Health and Growth, Inheritance and Evolution, Electricity and Earth and Beyond.

In all ‘topics’ teachers encourage pupils to undertake scientific enquiry through various means: observing over time; pattern seeking; classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing; and collecting, analysing and reporting data. Emphasis is placed not only on scientific knowledge but on the methods, processes and uses of Science.

Pupils are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge and interest by participating in the Science Enquiry Club – a practical, exciting (and frankly messy) opportunity for further scientific investigation. Whilst Year 6 pupils turn Crime Scene Investigators as part of an annual Forensic Science Day during which they learn about advances in forensic investigation and work together to trace the perpetrators of ‘crimes’ using techniques such as ink chromatography and footprint and fingerprint analysis.

The aim of our science teaching is to equip pupils with the skills to seek out rational explanation whilst nurturing their sense of excitement and curiosity.

Rachel Lonergan
Science Coordinator